Kanzeon Bosatsu

[Mod Post] Still Playing?

Not everyone who's still listed as being in the game has inserted their character into a Step 8 thread. If those people are still around, please do join a thread! If you've found that work or other time issues have forced you to drop the game, then please let us know, and we will sadly wave you goodbye.
Yamamoto 2

[Mini-Mod Post] Update

I'm honoured that esoteria has asked me to help out by modding on this closing to the game. I hope that everyone has fun finishing things off (or, possibly, finishing characters off). If there are any problems, please contact me: my contact info should be in the usual places, and if you need to email me, it's incandescens at yahoo.com.

And now, to channel Hiruma from Eyeshield 21: "Post, ya damn slackers!"