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001. Don't be an asshat. No one should be an asshat, asshole, or any other form following "ass," unless the following words are "lack thereof." Seriously. Drama might be unavoidable as a whole, but in general, treating others in a respectable manner can avoid the majority of it. So, before you say something, think about how you'd feel if it was directed at you. Blatant disregard and disrespect will get you a strike.

002. No god-moding. Also known as autoing, god-moding entails moving a character, implying the thoughts of a character, or inflicting damage on a character that is not your own. It is essential that this concept is understood: as in real life, when you do anything, the other person is free to respond in their own way. This is no different for the game: your character may "throw a left hook aimed at the opponent's face" but they cannot "hit the opponent square in the jaw." (Exception: when granted permission by the other player's character, autos are allowed. However, they must be noted in post. Making an OOC comment at the end is the best bet. Don't tell the mods--we'll forget.) Also, making unapproved back-references to non-game- or non-series-canon events is godmoding. Back-references, also known as backrefs, need to be approved by a moderator at all times. For instance: Shinji cannot magically know Yamamoto's plans unless you approve a back-reference with the mods detailing how he found out. If you're not sure whether something is a backref or not, BE SAFE, NOT SORRY.

003. Remain active. RPs require a certain level of participation in order to keep going. Inactivity can lead to stalled threads, effectively grinding the game to a halt. The participation requirement for this particular game is one post within four days after the player before you in the thread order posts. Meaning that if the person ahead of you posts on the 10th, then you should post by the 14th. Failure to post within the limit will result in a strike and, if the pattern continues and you recieve three strikes, you will be removed from the game and have to reapply.

004. Real life happens. If you know that you are going on vacation, or that you have finals coming up and need a couple of weeks to prepare, then respond to this post and inform the mods of your hiatus. Your characters will be removed from their threads and you will not be expected to post until your return.

005. Order is important. Once thread order is established, unless skip permission is granted by one of the mods, then that is the order of posts. Skipping people without warning doesn't allow for their character to properly react to the situation, thus it is important that each person is granted the opportunity to get a word in, essentially. Skip permission will be granted under certain conditions: if it is not your turn in a thread and you are getting near day seven for your character, if a thread is idle for several days, and other conditions, all of which are left to the mods discretion.

006. Stay in character. Does this one even need to be explained? If you become severely out of character, there will be consequences.

007. Variety is the spice of life. While not the focus of the game, it may contain romantic themes between two men, two women, or a man and a woman. In other words, this community is yaoi/yuri/het friendly. Refer to rule 001 in regards to this rule (basically, don't discriminate, and don't be an ass about a pairing or general type of pairing that you don't like). Additionally, this community rating will be R for language, violence, and adult themes, and may in the future be rated NC-17. That much said, this is a plot-based game. All character relationships must be developed in-game, and they are not the focus of the game.

008. Character limit. For your first arc of the game, you may play one character. Once your second arc starts, the mods will allow application for a second character. However, you may not have two characters that are close in some way. For example: if you play Ichigo, you cannot play Yuzu. If you play the captain of a division, then you cannot play another member of that division. This is for the simple fact that we do not want a player to have multiple characters in a thread--it's hard to write. Since you cannot have your two characters in the same thread, ideally they should be two characters that will have little to no reason to meet. Players are allowed to have up to three characters. If you want to apply for a third character, you must first obtain mod permission.

009. Grammar is not optional, it's necessary. This RP is written in third person, past tense. Thus, it wouldn't be "I videotape Momo and Rangiku while they take a bath," it would be "Kon videotaped Momo and Rangiku while they took a bath." Your posts should be spell checked and read through to ensure that they have proper grammar. You should also pay attention to game-canon spellings of the names of people, places, and items. Not sure? Ask a mod.

010. Strikes. Strikes will be handed out for the breaking of any rules. These strikes will be emailed to the player. A player gets three strikes before being removed from the game. Strikes have a "lifetime" of three months; thus, if you are given a strike in January, then by May the strike is gone, as if it never existed.

011. Compiling. This RP will be in similar style format to deathonly--there will be an initial post to start the thread at the beginning of the arc. Players will then respond to that thread by replying in comments. Once two or three rounds have occurred among the players, one of the mods will compile the thread. Note that only the mods are allowed to compile the threads.

012. Brevity is the soul of wit. But not here. Basically, do not reply to threads with only one or two lines. This is insufficient to post a reply to and hinders the next in line from responding. Ideally, posts should be at least two paragraphs, though more is love.

013. Some things are off limits. NPCs exist in every game. In situations where Hollows are introduced, one of the mods will have control of this character (to be determined before the Hollow is placed). This NPC is just like a regular character--this means you cannot auto a Hollow into death. Additionally, it should be noted that Yamamoto Genryuusai is an NPC and thus not available for application--he will be played by the mods, collectively.

014. Official spellings. For this particular RP, the official spellings (when known) are to be used. Meaning, it is Seireitei, not Seretei or Seireitai; Arrancar, not Allankar; Ulquiorra, not Urquiola; and so on. If you're not certain about official spellings, you can e-mail the mods and we will help you figure them out.

015. Get mod approval. Here are a list of some things that you need to ask a mod before you do: thread-hops, wrapping your character early for a step, mentioning self-created character backstory, creating a closed thread, reserving spots in a thread for a character not yet present, and applying for a third character. If you are not sure whether you need mod approval for an action, ASK ANYWAY. We repeat, BE SAFE, NOT SORRY.

016. Skip policy. Once a character is skipped in a thread, they are out of thread order until they rejoin and will continue to be skipped as though they are not present. The player should rejoin as soon as possible, and where in the order they join is not important. Also, once a player goes on hiatus, they are immediately to be skipped in their thread until their return. Once they return, they should rejoin in the same manner, anywhere in the order and as soon as possible. Once again, skips unrelated to hiatuses need mod approval, even for other mods.

017. Change is inevitable. The mods reserve the rights to add or alter these rules in any manner at any time. Notice will be given of any changes, of course.
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