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To apply:

001. Please verify that the character you want to apply for is available. Some characters are taken--some are not yet available for application.

002. Fill out the application below. Check for spelling and grammar to ensure it reads smoothly.

003. If you would like to place a hold on a character, simply respond to this post. Holds are given for three days, allowing you that length of time to write and submit the application.

004. If you have questions, feel free to contact the mods at

005. All applications should be e-mailed to

*Note: StandinHeaven takes place right after chapter 182 in the manga. The community will, at the bare minimum, contain spoilers up to this point, and very likely beyond this point. Keep that in mind.

Name: Your name, not the character's
E-mail: Self-explanatory
LJ Username: An LJ account is required for posting purposes
Experience: Give a brief rundown of how long you've been RPing or writing actively

Character: Name of the character you are applying for
Age: The age; for shinigami/Arrancar/Vizored, put an approximate physical age

Zanpakutou: The name of their zanpakutou, the command phrase, and a description of the shikai form and abilities; for captain shinigami and those who are canon to have it, bankai is also required (if a captain does not have one shown in manga/anime, SiH-canon it with your own interpretation). For non-shinigami, list any powers that they might have.

For Arrancar, if they have been shown to release their zanpakutou (in the case of Il Forte, Shawlong, Luppi, etc.) then this release is, for SiH, shikai. The Arrancar in SiH-canon do no possess bankai ability, and thus one is not required in the application. If your Arrancar of choice has not shown their first release in canon, please create an armor-release shikai similar to the ones we see from all Arrancar in canon.

For Vizoreds, please describe additional abilities.

Description: Two paragraphs that summarize the character's personality, background, and touch on their appearance.

Situation: One or two paragraphs describing what your character is doing in the aftermath of the Soul Society arc. List any events that led up to their current condition (for instance, Kira is currently captain-less, thus the why should be mentioned and how this is effecting him).

Writing Sample: Third person POV, past tense; give me a sample of the character you want to write, to show your grasp of the personality, etc. This is the most important part of the application.

** For shinigami/Arrancar/Vizored characters with little or no information about their zanpakutou, the responsibility is on you to expand and/or create your own interpretation (example: nothing is known about Ulquiorra's zanpakutou, thus the player would have to create one themselves. Even if Ulquiorra's shikai or bankai is later revealed in canon, SiH-canon established shikai and bankai will remain). For Arrancar and Vizored, that means naming your zanpakutou and coming up with a shikai release ability. Yes, Arrancar and Vizored are going to be granted that.

** Note: The suggested length for each section is just that: suggested. Ideally we would like to see more--prove to us that you know the character, that you are comfortable devling into their thinking, and that you've put thought into this application. Granted, length isn't everything, but if you feel like you can elaborate on any of these sections beyond the suggested length, we strongly encourage you to do so.

NOTE: AS OF 11/16/O6, UP TO THREE CHARACTERS MAY BE APPLIED FOR. Third character rights must be approved by all three mods. Email the mod account or IM the mods to discuss this matter.
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