splendidshadows (buildingonsand) wrote in standinheaven,

[Over Seireitei] Grimmjow

The calmness of the evening sky was disturbed as the very fabric of the realm was rent open. Emerging from a darkness even deeper than the night, Grimmjow looked down at the still slumbering denizens of Soul Society.

He felt a little ... curious as to why he was sent on this mission alone, but whatever, it was just more fun for him in the end. He'd show Aizen-sama and the rest that he could take on the entire Gotei-13 alone. If anyone whined that he'd taken all the good kills, well that was too bad, they shoulda tagged along too.

"Now what to wreck first ..." he muttered to himself before grinning, a cero forming in his right palm before firing towards a non-descript building below him. He'd sensed quite a number of reiatsu signatures inside, but after his cero exploded with an end-of-the-world BOOM he doubted anyone was left alive in there.
Tags: step08
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