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Stand in Heaven
...where even God himself has never been...
[Compile] Gin, Hisagi, Mayuri, Yumichika 
8th-May-2007 01:28 am
Kanzeon Bosatsu
Gin began the careful process of stealing through Twelfth Division.

He expected Grimmjow's diversion elsewhere in Seireitai, and Di Roy's activities in Karakura, should attract a lot of shinigami attention. Still, this was the area of Kurotsuchi Mayuri's power. No doubt there were cameras focusing on him at this very moment.

Then again, if he was lucky, Kurotsuchi might decide to "lure him further in" to trap him, so that he wouldn't have the rest of Seireitai asking to share. That'd be convenient. Because Gin sure as hell didn't intend to give Kurotsuchi the chance to use any of his little poisons on him. Oh no.

Now, where was that little Arrancar? Between a combination of going to wherever was most heavily guarded, and where Kurotsuchi's favourite labs were, and then sniffing for Arrancar reiatsu, Gin hoped to be able to track him down fairly fast . . .

It had been over a week since Hisagi's last dizzy spell. He had been thinking that maybe they were gone for good, but almost as soon as he'd had that thought, he'd found himself leaning against a wall for support. And he'd been having such a good day up until then. He'd been keeping busy but not running himself ragged, and had had a good sparring match against his division's third seat early that morning. Then he had set out on his usual route from division to division, delivering reports and so on.

What could have triggered it? He had left the Thirteenth, in something of a hurry to get away from Ukitake-taichou's overly solicitous inquiries into how he was doing, and his head had already been spinning and he'd had that light-headed, almost numb feeling that he'd slowly learned was a precursor to one mother of a dizzy spell.

Whatever had caused it, it didn't change the fact that he was leaning against a wall somewhere between the Eleventh and the Twelfth and counting down the seconds until his head cleared and the sharp tingling down his arm and leg finally peaked and faded away.

Mayuri was busy with something too important to be interrupted. He always was, really, which meant that he should NEVER be interrupted. So when alarms started going off and someone had the audacity to try to bother him with the details, he sharply announced over the (one-way) communication mechanisms he'd implanted in all of his subordinate's ears that they were to go take care of it themselves.

Presumably, Nemu was around somewhere. If the problem got out of hand, she should be able to take care of the matter. That was what he had created her for, after all.

Because whatever was going on, it wasn't another Arrancar intrusion. Aizen wouldn't be that stupid, pulling the same trick twice, especially after Mayuri had had sufficient time to study one of his precious soldiers. Already, the Captain's subordinates had been provided with preliminary versions of tools to counter ceros and vials of acid effective at wearing away that unusually thick skin. They were prepared for that eventuality, and had orders to capture any such intruder alive, but it wasn't going to happen. Especially not with him there this time. No one would dare attack the Twelfth Division with Captain Kurotsuchi present. That was suicide. That was inconceivable.

That was secretly what Mayuri was hoping for. Another Arrancar specimen would be convenient - his current one was almost used up. It would also validate the extra caution he'd been using. He'd backed up all new data in three different places, had set more traps and barriers between the main division and his laboratories, had coated the planes of more of his labs with reiatsu-dampening material so as to be harder to locate and reach. The drawback, if it could be called that, of the last extension of his defenses was that he couldn’t as easily sense the reiatsus of the others in the division, but why would he want to?

The bottom line was this: Mayuri was busy. Even a few of his subordinates dying, as seemed to be happening, wasn’t worth leaving his work for at the moment. Anyone who let their research or data get destroyed during this inconvenience faced that fate anyway. Most of them knew that, and the rest...well, they'd find out, should they be stupid enough to put their lives before their work.

Captain Kurotsuchi kept working.

[OOC: mention of Gin killing a couple peoples was approved by the Gin player]

Yumichika stretched, leaning back then rubbing at his sore eyes. He'd spent the last few hours toiling over yet more paperwork (there was even more than usual now that they had teamed up with the 8th on some of their patrols - that Division seemed to be rife with it, in Yumichika's personal opinion), and now it was finally finished.

He chanced a quick glance out the door, his spirits falling as he realized how late it was already. That meant he needed to take these out now...and not take a break to rejuvenate first.

Sighing dramatically and absently wondering where Ikkaku and fukutaichou could be, Yumichika got to his feet and began making his oh so graceful way out of their grounds....

And paused at the door. Something wasn't right. There was a barest tingling on the edge of his senses - a strange yet familiar reiatsu. He felt his senses pulled toward the 12th Division.

There was a dark figure leaning against a wall, half-hidden in shadow. Not wanting to take any chances, Yumichika slipped into shadow himself and edged closer. It wasn't until he was almost right on top of the perpetrator that he realized who it was.

"Ah, Hisagi-fukutaichou!" he exclaimed in greeting, his voice low in accord with his still-present feeling of foreboding and the evening hush. "What are you doing out here, hm?"

He hadn't really encountered the vice-captain since their battle after Aizen's betrayal. From what he could tell, Hisagi hadn't said anything about Yumichika's...peculiar shikai abili, but there was no way to really tell.

Gin pursed his lips in a silent whistle as he shook the latest blood off his zanpakutou. Well, well. Either Kurotsuchi-taichou was being unusually lurkish and stealthy in his approach to luring Gin into a trap, or he was engaged in such significant research that he couldn't be distracted from it.

Which would certainly make it easier to sink a blade into his back . . .

Gin was fairly sure he was getting closer to the Inner Sanctum of Disturbing Science. The equipment was better quality. Perhaps he should pause to question somebody.

Or perhaps . . . his nose twitched. He had caught a faint whiff of Arrancar reiatsu.

Perhaps he'd just follow his nose. Further in and further in.

The problems happening not far behind the wall Hisagi was leaning against were not perceivable by those outside--yet. In any case, Hisagi's attention had just been roundly diverted by the approach of someone he was not entirely happy to see.

He forced himself to stand up straight, even though he was still feeling slightly wobbly.

"Ayasegawa." Hisagi's voice was so frosty it could have given Hyourinmaru a run for its money. "I'm not looking for a re-match if that's what you were wondering. I'm out running errands, and I ought to be getting back to them."

He offered a curt nod, and stepped away from the wall. Unfortunately, instead of stalking off, he stumbled, nearly falling right into Yumichika.

Mayuri wondered irritably what was taking so long. The intruder should have been neutralized by now, but instead, his subordinates were actually fleeing. Well, that or dying. In any case, nothing had been accomplished during the last few times he'd looked up from his work. What was wrong with them? Grumbling, he opened up two-way communication with Akon.

"What is going on up there? Why are you worthless bags of particles running away? Do you want a repeat of last time someone infiltrated the institute?" Captain Kurotsuchi had punished Nemu most severely, of course, but that hadn't meant the rest of the division had come away from the catastrophe unpunished.

"Well, see, the logic here is that if we all die, no one's going to be left to continue our research or capture any Arrancar that follow. Besides, Ichimaru hasn't really destroyed any- "


"Yeah, that's who the intruder is. I would have thought you'd at least-"

"I'M BUSY! And I would have thought my entire division could have at least taken care of one intruder, even if it IS a former captain!" Mayuri hissed curses under his breath. He should have realized Aizen would do this to him. And his subordinates were (unbelievably) right - if the intruder wasn't an Arrancar, it wasn't worth dying for. Someone else could do that.

“Fine. Continue evacuating the building then, and see if anyone else is around who feels like risking their necks. Just don’t send out a signal for help yet. We don’t need those brainless dogs from the Eleventh laughing at us unless it’s absolutely necessary.”

Mayuri had a sickening feeling this was exactly the reaction Aizen had planned upon, but there was nothing to be done about it. He was not going to tolerate Kenpachi hounding him about being too much of a coward to defend his own division (for the possibility that he’d understand the value of continuing important research would be lost on the animal), and besides, Nemu was supposed to arrive soon. She’d better.

Cutting off communication before Akon could respond, he turned back to his work. Where had he left off? Ah, yes…

Mayuri continued his experiment, waiting impatiently for the situation to improve. In the meantime, there were plenty of traps and barriers between what remained of the Arrancar test subject – which must be what the bloody traitor was after – and Ichimaru. They might not arrest his progress altogether, but they’d slow him down. And time was, really, all Mayuri required at the moment. Once his research was done, there would be nothing to take his attention away from quashing the treacherous insect.

[OOC: I used Akon here because it's close to the end of the game, he was never played, and I was sick of using the word 'subordinate' so many times. If this is an issue, let me know. Also, many apologies for being slow.]

Yumichika's eyebrows shot straight up at Hisagi's cold greeting. He could not respond right away, however, as Hisagi chose that moment to stagger into his arms. The 5th seat could not help the slight coloration of his cheeks at the unexpected accident - Hisagi was, after all, one of the more aesthetically-appealing of the shinigami employed in the Gotei 13, and Yumichika did appreciate beauty.

It did not last long, though. "Yare, yare," Yumichika chided in a maddeningly superior tone as he stood Hisagi up and brushed him off before gesturing for him to lean against the wall once more. "Looks like you're in a bit of a hurry when you should be taking it easy, Hisagi-fukutaichou. And you needn't worry about a rematch - I rather think our last encounter was quite decisive, don't you?" He gave the vice-captain a smug smile.

As he spoke, he kept his senses firmly trained on what was going on behind that wall. He didn't know anything specific or feel any reiatsu strong enough to warrant any sort of suspicions - it could just be whatever Mayuri-taichou was experimenting on - that Arrancar, most likely. An involuntary shudder ran down his spine.

If it was that, Yumichika certainly wanted no part in it.

Gin felt a certain degree of annoyance at how this operation was proceeding.

It was all simply taking too long. Kurotsuchi Mayuri's traps were intricate and took a certain amount of care to bypass. Kurotsuchi Nemu had proved a hindrance and put up a surprising fight. He'd left her for dead, but if he had the time afterwards, he intended to haul her back to Aizen for a few experiments. That'd teach her better manners.

And as for this latest barrier that the little scientist with horns had activated before fleeing like a bunny -- a fluffy, pain-feeling, soon-to-be-sliced-apart-and-flayed bunny . . .

Gin let his reiatsu rise, and cut through the shimmering field in a single motion. It was possible that someone further out might perceive the flux of power, but he was growing short on time, and Grimmjow's little suicidal diversion wouldn't last forever.

And he could smell Kurotsuchi Mayuri now. Oh yes. Close, definitely close. This wouldn't take long.

[OOC: Permission given by Mayuri's player to auto Nemu having been injured.]

[OOC: Also, Gin's latest blast was loud enough to be noticed outside the walls of Twelfth. Hisagi and Yumichika, feel free to hear/perceive/sense it.]

Hisagi did not miss the fifth seat's smug smile. "It was only decisive because your damned shikai took me by surprise," he snapped. The idea of a rematch was beginning to sound appealing. Hisagi wondered what the vain shinigami would think of a sonic blast pitched to give him the kind of vertigo that would have him on his knees and puking his guts out in a most unlovely fashion.

"And speaking of your shikai," he said, stepping toward Ayasegawa, eyes narrowed, voice taut, "what the hell kind of after-effects is that thing supposed to have?" It would be lovely to have someone to blame for what had been happening to him. And maybe, part of him was hoping that Ayasegawa would say something along the lines of oh, just some residual weakness, but that goes away after a month or two, because an explanation--especially an explanation that included an expiration date--would be nice after all the crap he had been through.

"Ever since T... ever since the traitors left, I haven't been feeling right," he said, "and I have a feeling that you might know why." He was only inches away from the other shinigami, and was waiting for whatever explanation or excuse (or more likely, a flouncing denial of everything) Ayasegawa could offer.

Instead of excuses or flounces, however, what he got was a flare of reiatsu from the building next to them. A very familiar flare of reiatsu. Hisagi's eyes widened, and he met Ayasegawa's eyes as if to say did you feel that?

Mayuri frowned. It was getting harder and harder to concentrate on his work. Even the most insular walls wouldn't keep out the flares of reiatsu coming from Ichimaru as he inched his way closer to the bowels of the division. Well, the scientist hadn't expected the traps to completely shut out someone of that skill level...

Captain Kurotsuchi almost - almost - made a mistake when Nemu failed to stop the intruder; his hands shook with indignation and outrage that his daughter had failed him once again. Where had she learned such incompetent behavior? Not from him, that was certain. His efforts and building, training, and disciplining her were always scrupulous.

All of that effort, down the drain. It was a statement applicable both to Nemu and to his current project. Mayuri slammed his tools down and shoved his experiment in a nearby freezer. He was so close to finishing, but that damn traitor was also close, too close to things Mayuri would rather him not be able to access. If he waited until the past possible second, the equipment damage incurred by the confrontation would be devastating. It had to be him; all of his subordinates were either dead or gone by this point. Had Akon been able to find no one hanging around who'd make good fodder for this insidious weasel?

Everyone would pay dearly for this interruption. But first, Ichimaru had to be deflected. Mayuri slid open a wall and stalked down a corridor, heading for a certain room. If there was going to be a confrontation, it was going to be on his terms.

[OOC: As you know, Akon is out looking for people to throw to the dogs (or rather, fox). Hisagi and Yumi players may feel free to incorporate him if they wish]

Yumichika smirked as Hisagi snapped at him. It was so very easy to bait him. Maybe he ought to hang around him more often.

He was taken aback as the vice-captain advanced on him, asking his next question as if it were a challenge. He lifted his hands in a gesture that was a mix of seeking peace and 'back off.'

"My, someone's bitter," he said lightly, trying to casually put distance between him and the indignant Hisagi. "Now, I do not know of any after-effects; I don't generally have to stick around those few opponents I am forced to use it on...usually because they have been, ah...diminished." Diminished, as in the Hollow was usually shriveled and drained to the point of extinction - but Hisagi didn't need to know that part.

He was about to continue with a jibe to Hisagi's personal energies - after all, someone of his spiritual talent should recover quickly - but before he could, he was interrupted by the rise of an unmistakable and disturbingly familiar reiatsu. His eyes found Hisagi's, and he knew the vice-captain was thinking exactly the same thing as he.

Yumichika didn't even stop to consider that this was someone else's division and thus he should let sleeping dogs lie - the 5th seat was a man of action, and without a second thought, he took off into the 12th Squad grounds, fully expecting Hisagi to be a hair's breadth behind him.

[ooc: i'm not comfortable with manipulating akon, so hisagi-mun, feel free. ♥]

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8th-May-2007 01:05 am (UTC) - [Gin] Dilly dilly, dilly dilly, come and be killed
Gin almost opened his eyes more than a slit. Why, that was Kurotsuchi-taichou, wasn't it? He was sure of it. Now was he going to try to find and dispose of the Captain, or was he going to focus on locating the little Arrankar . . .

Ah well, it had always been his policy to poke trouble before it poked him. With a lightness to his step, and very nearly a whistle on his lips, Gin called through the echoing corridors, "Kurotsuchi-taichou? Where are you?"

His zanpakutou was light and ready in his hand.
11th-May-2007 12:07 pm (UTC) - [Hisagi] I'll take a rain check on that, thanks
Hisagi was quick to follow Ayasegawa into the Twelfth. The reiatsu flare had already died back, but it had all too obviously come from the direction of the labs. He was dimly aware of other flares of activity from other directions, much further away.

"I wouldn't count on backup," he said to Ayasegawa as they headed toward the labs. As they got closer to the building, other shinigami--ones who wore white lab coats rather than the more traditional gear--ran past in the other direction, fleeing in panic from the scene.

When the reached the door, a tall, thin man with three short horns growing out of his forehead (what the hell went on in the Twelfth, anyhow?) was standing there, ordering the fleeing scientists to return to their posts, damn it. When he saw Hisagi and Ayasegawa running towards him, the expression on his face was less like someone who had received unlooked for and much-needed help and more like someone who had just had a golden opportunity set down right in front of him.

"About time you got here," he drawled. He noted that one of the two shinigami was from the hated Eleventh, and the side of his mouth crooked up a bit, imagining Kurotsuchi-taichou's reaction to that. "Ichimaru's turning our people into tartare, and frankly, we're more in need of brawn than brains at the moment."

Hisagi raised one eyebrow, but decided to ignore what sounded like an insult. "You're damned lucky we showed up. Why the hell didn't you call for help?"

In response, Akon simply shrugged and pulled out a cigarette. "Kurotsuchi-taichou's orders," was the laconic answer. No other explanation was forthcoming. He leaned against the door jamb, and nodded towards the lab proper as he lit up a cigarette and settled in to wait to see what happened next. "I'll go round up the rest of our men," he said, even though it was apparent he was settling in to have a nice leisurely smoke break while mayhem unfolded inside.

Hisagi simply gave the man a dirty look and headed inside. With each passing year, the Twelfth Division made less and less sense.
15th-May-2007 12:54 am (UTC) - [Mayuri] There's no rain here. We engineered it away. So please, feel free to enter!
Mayuri gritted his teeth as the traitor's call echoed through his labs. Well, as long as the only thing that touched his equipment was that voice, he wouldn't have to take too long exterminating the vermin.

In an enormous room, cleared of any delicate instruments, the Captain waited, Ashisogi Jizou already in its shikai state. He leaned invisibly against the wall a meter from the only unsealed doorway, prepared to attack the moment Ichimaru stepped over the threshold. If he could paralyze the intruder immediately, punishment for the interruption could be exacted easily and quickly. If not...he'd have to collect an extra fine for damaged test subjects. And that would be a terrible shame, for everyone involved.
16th-May-2007 12:54 pm (UTC) - [Yumichika] Wonderful! Good to know it won't mess up my hair. <3
Rather than disappointing him, Hisagi's comment only served to elevate Yumichika's spirits. Though people sometimes forgot it, Yumichika was part of the Eleventh, and the prospect of battling Gin was almost enough to make him salivate. Almost. Salivating like a dog over a juicy steak was a most unattractive analogy, as accurate as it may be. Yumichika, however, preferred not to think of himself as a dirty little dog - more like an elegantly plumed eagle, swooping in for the kill.

All the same, he couldn't keep the eager grin from his face. Imagine what Ikkaku and Taichou would say when he strolled back in to the Eleventh and told them he'd defeated Ichimaru! Taichou would be jealous, of course, but proud at the same time, and Ikkaku...Just seeing the look on Ikkaku's face was something to look forward to.

They slowed as they neared the door, where Yumichika was immediately repulsed by the horned figure that greeted him. Disgusting - he was glad he'd never had cause to venture into these grounds before. The thought of encountering more unaesthetic inhumans like this one was enough to make his flesh crawl. It didn't help that one of them was standing right in front of him. His attitude disturbed Yumichika as well - as if he was more than ready to let his fellows perish rather than risk his own skin. What the hell could Kurotsuchi-taichou - never mind. He didn't want to know what that madman was thinking.

The two headed inside, eyes adjusting to the artificial lighting as they went. Yumichika stretched his senses, feeling for where Ichimaru was. He seemed to be recklessly expending his reiatsu - but without a huge explosion of it, Yumichika was really quite lost. He glanced at Hisagi to see if the vice captain had a better bearing on Ichimaru's location. Impatient as he was, Yumichika knew better than to charge head first into a confrontation, especially one that concerned a former captain.

"Any idea where he could be?" Yumichika queried, glancing around the dark corridors. Fujikujaku was clutched in his hand, practically singing for release.
16th-May-2007 10:48 pm (UTC) - [Gin] Guess I'll have to take the feathers home to dust with
All Gin's senses prickled as he stepped into the room. Danger, danger -- it was only by the barest of fractions that he avoided Mayuri's stab, darting further into the room.

Time to do some high-duty killing.

A flap of white fabric swung loose from his sleeve as he turned, lips parted in what was not a smile. "Shoot 'im dead, Shinzou," he whispered, and his zanpakutou lengthened itself, slashing out towards Mayuri.
17th-May-2007 12:57 am (UTC) - [Hisagi] If you could clean my place when you're done, that would be great
The rising reiatsu levels told Hisagi that Mayuri and Ichimaru were most likely starting to mix it up. Hariuguisu was twittering in eagerness and anxiety, and Hisagi could sympathize with her; his training and common sense told him not to get involved in a fight between two captain-class shinigami, but instinct told him that it was far more important that Ichimaru be stopped, honor and safety be damned.

"It's hard to tell what direction it's coming from, and with all of these corridors... Who the hell knows where they lead." Hisagi had stopped at a crossroads. The emergency lighting was sparse, and all possible paths seemed to lead off into darkness. He held out his hand, palm cupped, and he murmured a brief incantation.

"Way of Binding Thirty-Four - Path of the Returning Sparrow." A small sphere of green light formed above his hand. It didn't do much to give them any extra light, but it tugged at his reiatsu as if pulling him towards the battling shinigami.

Of course, it tried to tell him to go straight through a wall, but it seemed clear to him that if they headed to the right, it would draw them in closer.

"Let's go!" he called out, running off down the hallway and trusting that Ayasegawa would follow.
22nd-May-2007 02:38 am (UTC) - [Mayuri] Don't you dare try to clean my instruments, though, or those feathers will be in your eyes
Mayuri hissed as Ichimaru slipped away from his attack, his invisibility falling away to reveal furious metallic eyes and clenched teeth. A quick shunpo removed him as soon as possible once he realized he had not done the damage he had hoped to incur. He saw, briefly, Ichimaru's attack slice through the space he had so recently taken up, but immediately started upon his own counterattack.

Having a zanpakutou that was only effective at a close range was always mildly irritating, but Mayuri had had many years to make additions to his arsenal to compensate for that fact. His opportunities for practicing their use hadn't been frequent, but that did not discourage him. He'd also made a few modifications since his run-in with the Quincy.

Mayuri pulled out his left ear, forming a blade, and swung it across the room in an arc toward the traitor. It had not extended far when, with a twist of his right ear, the weapon detached, allowing it to continue on its path while the Captain shunpo'd behind his opponent, seeking once more to penetrate and paralyze him.

The entrance of those who might be able to assist in the extermination of the intruder was not something Mayuri's subordinates deigned to inform him about. Not that he was particularly listening for such news. Either fresh weapons and targets would materialize or they wouldn't; either way, Ichimaru was going to regret wasting Captain Kurotsuchi's time.
23rd-May-2007 05:50 pm (UTC) - [Yumichika] Ara? But...they are already in my eyes...
Yumichika watched with mild curiosity as Hisagi called forth a small ball of energy. It didn't seem to have any purpose, really, so he assumed it would help them find the dueling captains. While not really envious of the kidou arts, seeing them in use always made Yumichika wonder how good he would be at them if he actually trained in it. Fujikujaku's shikai, after all, was strongly kidou in nature.

He only had a moment, however, to ponder this, as they were suddenly off down the corridor. As they approached the location of the two captains, Yumichika felt the reiatsu levels growing - not steadily, because they were getting closer, but erratically, as if they were deep in the heat of battle. Yumichika's spirits fell - he had been hoping to face off against Ichimaru himself, but if Kurotschi had already engaged him...all he could do is stand back and watch. Although...this was not an 11th division battle, and if Kurotsuchi-taichou decided to call them in...well, then he would have no choice but to step in and give the fight his most valiant effort.

An eager grin curved his lips, and he picked up his pace. They were so close now, and the captains were being so careless with their reiatsu levels, that he could tell where they were without Hisagi's aid. He shot past the vice-captain, slowing gracefully as they came upon the room where Kurotsuchi and Ichimaru were fighting and coming to an elegant stop in the doorway. He saw only Ichimaru - completely missing Kurotsuchi behind the former captain in his excitement.

"Ichimaru!" he shouted, if only to announce his presence to both combatants. If Hisagi had been hoping for a surprise attack, that opportunity was lost now. The 11th Division simply did not do 'sneaky.'
23rd-May-2007 09:40 pm (UTC) - [Gin] But they ain't as pretty as Kira's eyes
Gin was beginning to grow irritated. For a long time now he'd rated Kurotsuchi Mayuri as not being that combat-capable. Sneaky, certainly, and well-provided with weapons and poisons, no doubt about it, but not as awkward as Hitsugaya-kun, for example, in a straight battle. But now the man (if he could still be termed a man) was being more than a little inconvenient.

He was busy moving to dodge flying earpiece and flying blade, flash stepping around the room and wishing for a little extra space, when Yumichika's yell caught his attention.

Ah. Extra targets. His smile widened.

24th-May-2007 11:40 pm (UTC) - [Hisagi] I am not getting involved in this discussion. I'm *not*.
Yumichika's brazen shout was quickly followed by a curse from Hisagi. Why did the idiot have to go and call attention to them like that? He closed his fist around the ball of kidou, reabsorbing it as he called Hariuguisu out into her first release.

"Try to bring him in alive," he hissed at Yumichika. "People are going to have questions for him."

Hisagi had several of his own, not that he had any real hope of getting answers to them. All he knew is that he was grateful it was Ichimaru he was facing and not... someone else. Holding a sword to that person's throat was something he was not sure he could do again, even knowing what he knew.

"Anyhow, I hope this will be over quickly," he whispered. "Now cover your ears!"

A sonic blast rocketed towards Ichimaru. Yes, Kurotsuchi-fukutaichou would likely be caught in the fringe, but Hisagi honestly couldn't bring himself to care.
29th-May-2007 01:13 am (UTC) - [Mayuri] How does appearance factor into this conversation at ALL?
Mayuri snarled as his prey escaped both of his attacks, and his mood only worsened at the sight of Eleventh insignia. But it became apparent after only a moment that this was only what he'd asked Akon to send him...a few bodies with which to distract his opponent and make the task of neutralizing the threat quicker and easier. Let alone less dangerous for him.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Go-" Suddenly, something rippled through the air - through everything. His audio-sensors went crazy for a moment, especially the now-vulnerable left side, sending a brief but searing pain through his head and making him blink, even flinch a little. Ooooo, that could have been nasty had he caught that full-on. Still, these twerps should know better than to turn a Captain such as himself into a victimized bystander because of their carelessness.

"Watch where you aim that thing, fool!" Mayuri spat at the Vice Captain. He'd had enough of that other no-name abandoned puppy without this one biting him in its rush to prove its worth.
30th-May-2007 01:11 am (UTC) - [Yumichika] ...Isn't appearance everything?
Having allowed Hisagi to jump into the battle first, Yumichika felt no burden on his conscience for joining in himself. He was bound by virtue to only initiate one-on-one battles, but if there was a team fight going on, he wasn't about to miss it.

Yumichika knew his limits, and he also knew there was no way he had any chance against Ichimaru without releasing his shikai. As much as it pained him to show it twice to Hisagi, and to show it at all to Kurotsuchi (hopefully the captain wouldn't be interested in 'research'), he knew when such discretion was ridiculous.

Whispering the words of release, Fujikujaku's form illuminated, peacock feather shaped tendrils flowing from it and up Yumichika's arm as he followed in the wake of the vice-captain's attack, prepared to slash at Ichimaru whether it missed or not.
30th-May-2007 04:22 pm (UTC) - [Gin] It's not appearance so much as reaction
Gin snarled. The sonic attack had taken him unawares (he really should have pressed Tousen a bit more on what his vice-captain's shikai was) and knocked him off-balance for a moment, and now he had to defend against Yumichika, parrying the other shinigami's blows.

This was no longer amusing. He was sure he could take both the vice-captains separately, and probably even together, but Kurotsuchi Mayuri couldn't be left unattended-to.

So. Step one, keep Ayasegawa near him as a body shield. It wouldn't make Kurotsuchi so much as hesitate, but it'd cut down on Hisagi's distance attacks. Step two . . .

"Eh, Shuuhei-kun!" he called as he parried Yumichika's slash and thrust wickedly at the other man's stomach. "Glad you're here -- Tousen asked me to bring you along with me when I came back. Looks like you're saving me trouble."
2nd-Jun-2007 06:59 pm (UTC) - [Hisagi] *reacts*
Instead of closing in, Hisagi had fallen back, and was circling to the side, trying to get to an angle where he could attack Gin without doing any permanent damage to Ayasegawa. When he saw the glowing feathers emerging from Ayasegawa's zanpakutou he grinned wolfishly. It was good to see that Ayasegawa could put aside that bizarre Eleventh Division code of "honor" when needs must; this fight might be over before Ichimaru knew what hit him.

He hissed between his teeth when he saw the blow aimed at Ayasegawa's midsection, but Hisagi never saw if the blow connected or not. Ichimaru's words stopped him as effectively as a physical blow.

"Tousen-taichou?" he whispered. Too much rushed through his head at once: memories, grief, denial, rage, disbelief... His vision grayed at the edges as if another dizzy spell had hit him, but this was worse than the others. Tousen was with the traitors. Tousen wanted to see him.

It took Hariuguisu screaming almost loud enough to deafen him to snap him out of the fugue. With a shout of rage he ran at Ichimaru, but his left leg buckled, and he stumbled a few steps, trying to recover.
3rd-Jun-2007 01:41 am (UTC) - [Mayuri] *deigns not to*
Mayuri stepped back, as far away from the fighting as possible, watching the two newcomers risk their necks in his place. Clumsy as the Vice Captain had been, it looked like he and that Eleventh Division mutt might actually perform as need-

Or not. The Captain hissed under his breath as Tousen's former pet faltered at the mere mention of his traitor of a superior. Clearly the mistake earlier had not, as Mayuri had dared to hope, been a one-time thing. Of all the unreliable, witless soldiers in all of Soul Society, why did it have to be this one who happened to volunteer?

Mayuri clenched his jaw, the only expression of his displeasure and distrust noticeable from behind his mask, other than his ever-present glare. The other shinigami seemed to be doing his part, but how effective his zanpakutou would be seemed rather questionable - not at all what he would have expected out of someone from that division. Mayuri didn't bother reflecting as to whether he preferred that or not. He just continued to watch, keeping his guard up just in case more clumsy attacks came his way. If these two proved unworthy fodder, there was still his plan.

His hands itched to find the number pad on the wall a couple meters to his left, to key in the sequence that would lower the doors to the room and dissolve them into the walls, quarantining the threat. But he did not want to draw attention back to himself so soon. Captain Kurotsuchi did not have much trust for anyone, let alone these, but he would trust anyone who felt like throwing themselves at Ichimaru to at least slow the man down a little, to wear him down so that he'd fall faster when the poison hit his lungs. Should things come down to that, that is.

[OOC: going on hiatus...if anyone attacks Mayu in the meantime, consider him injurable but wary enough to keep from getting killed]
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