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Stand in Heaven
...where even God himself has never been...
[Compile] Di Roy, Ichigo 
8th-May-2007 01:32 am
Kanzeon Bosatsu
Di Roy hadn’t been expecting it to be like this. When Aizen-sama needed someone to lead something — anything — in the living world, he usually chose someone with a higher rank for such responsibilities. Like one of the Espada. Not that Di Roy was complaining. But as he volunteered his services in hopes of actually getting to have some fun for once, he expected to be one of those following orders, not giving them.

Maybe he should have felt a little disappointed that all he had actual command over were ordinary Hollows, as opposed to his Arrancar brothers. Most might be insulted, perhaps seeing it to be that those were all they were worthy of watching over. But not Di Roy. He saw it as opportunity.

Here and now, he was the one making the decisions. The only standing orders were simply to create a diversion. How and what kind were up to him.

The Garganta tore open the wall between realities, and Di Roy found it to be agonizingly slow. It was the last thing standing between him and the hunt. The only decision he had left to make as the hole in the dimensional fabric widened was who exactly would be the hunted.

That pathetic Quincy boy? Actually, he might be rather boring. Though there was that pending accident. Find some new prey? He could steal after Ruppi’s catch, but that might bring animosity later, and he didn’t really dislike the guy. Then again, such a fight could easily be brushed off as ‘following orders’. Or maybe…

In the seconds it took for these thoughts to flit through Di Roy’s mind, the skies were open and a feral grin split his lips, revealing sharp serrated teeth.

“Well, guess I’ll take whatever catches my interests,” he muttered to himself, tilting his head back to the hordes of Hollows waiting behind him. “Have all the fun you like, you guys!” he suddenly cried, voice rising in excitement. “This time chaos is on the house, courtesy of Aizen-sama!”

Di Roy would wait for all of them to go through before closing the way behind him. Then, his fun could begin.

Ichigo was inside his room, pretending certain people, events, and parts of his mind didn't exist. He did that a lot nowadays. It wasn't entirely bad - it gave him a lot of time and motivation to study, which meant he was pulling grades so high that Kiego had finally moved from threatening never to hang out with him again to genuinely avoiding him (but always with that stupid tearful look in his eyes). What wasn't so good was that he had been shirking his substitute-shinigami tasks - he probably hadn't fought any Hollows at all for almost two weeks...or was it closer to three?

It seemed more like ten years. Time passes slowly when one is going insane.

It was all well and good to ignore the occasional Hollow - the tool Captain Ukitake had given him was, by now, deep in his closet under a heap of laundry - until someone from the Seretei patrols took care of it and to grind Kon under his foot when the mod soul tried to pester him into action, but when his closet started going INSANE - and when his own senses were telling him there were who-knew-how-many Hollows suddenly descending on the city like a swarm of flies - there was only so much ignoring a guy could do.

It was happening. The attack he'd been dreading was happening. And just as he'd feared, he wasn't ready for it.

Ichigo cursed as he dug through his closet, already feeling sick at the glee he felt coming from the thing residing in his brain but feeling sicker at the thought of not doing anything. Once in shinigami form, he made his way toward the chaos.

Ugh. So many. He'd seen more - that stupid fight Ishida picked that one time had made sure of that - but it was still a lot. A lot of Hollows, and some asshole Arrancar watching over them. Ichigo would have normally gone straight for the strongest enemy, but then again, Ichigo would have normally figured he had a pretty fair amount of control over his powers. This Ichigo wasn't taking anything for granted. He stepped almost hesitantly in front of the nearest Hollow, raising Zangetsu with a hand that was not shaking, dammit, he wasn't THAT weak, and he definitely wasn't THAT afraid of a common Hollow!

Going from nothing to...this...was going to be challenging, to say the least.

The Hollows swarmed forth from the tear in the sky, but eventually their seemingly endless advance from the darkness lessened. That was when Di Roy was finally able to take his attention from overseeing their arrival and on to the more pressing matter of his own personal entertainment.

He glanced around first, extending his senses. There was no doubt that the Hollows he brought with him would go for anything and everything they happened upon. Already a lanky and twisted looking one had seemed to find something, advancing upon what seemed to be a Shinigami in the distance. What luck!

Di Roy’s grin widened and he eliminated the distance between him and the Shinigami with a quick Sonido. It may have seen the shinigami first, but if it hadn’t made the first hit, then it could be said to be ambiguous as to whether or not it truly claimed him. And this time, Di Roy was going to find the better catch.

He wasted no time laying out a swipe with his sharpened nails at the unguarded backside of the spikey haired kid. It wouldn’t be worth his time if he didn’t have what it took to dodge that move, and if he did dodge or block it, then it would be an interesting fight indeed!

Ichigo didn't avoid the sudden attack deliberately so much as stumble forward in surprise, the momentum meant to swing Zangetsu at the Hollow in front of him propelling his body forward as he tried to simultaneously curtail his own attack and turn to face Arrancar (his senses might be dull, but he knew someone with weird and powerful reitsu when they snuck up behind him) whose nails, or claws, or whatever, had brushed his clothing.

"What the hell?" He shouted in indignance, raising Zangetsu in front of him defensively one he'd regained his balance. "If yer gonna attack me, why don't ya at least face me, ya coward?!"

Ichigo hoped the dread he was feeling wasn't apparent; it would definitely be misinterpreted. He wasn't afraid of this guy. He wasn't afraid of anyone. Except himself. Or at least the part of himself that was going to try to take control at any moment. Damn, he'd really been hoping to take out a few small fry before having to deal with this jerk. He clenched his sword more tightly, gritting his teeth. Better to be pissed off than afraid.

The Hollow which Ichigo had been fighting, perhaps following some survival instinct, stalked away with a howl after the Arrancar appeared and stole its opponent. The haphazard sword swing managed to clip it, and knowing there were plenty of other souls worth devouring, elsewhere, it soon joined up with the other swarms of it’s kind spreading about the city.

Di Roy raised an eyebrow, peering with his one visible eye, looking between his fingers and the Shinigami. “I missed?” he mused, half to himself and half in response to the teen’s query. A shrug after that, and his expression relaxed to a lazy grin. “It’s not worth my time if you can’t dodge it.”

Taking the moment to size up his opponent, he could tell that the shinigami probably just got lucky. He was pretty close to landing that blow on him, and it was going to be disappointing if he picked out another dud. Much better to have taken him out in one hit and gone on to find something messier.

“But…” he paused, thoughtfully. “You did dodge it, didn’t you?” It wouldn’t hurt to at least fight this one, as lately he seemed to have trouble picking out the anything worthwhile. Maybe it would prove otherwise. Di Roy flexed his fingers and the sharp nails glinted as he gathered his reiatsu around them.

“So it’s no problem if I kill you straight on now, right?”

"Yeah, you missed!" Ichigo said with a lot more force than was probably wise. That it had been a close call was not something he wanted to admit any further than he already had, even if it had been a rotten attack. Ichigo didn't like the way his opponent was looking at him, like he was disappointed. What the fuck was that all about? Did he think he was some kind of person Ichigo needed to impress instead of Arrancar scum? Well, he had another thing coming - or he would, unless Ichigo lost control. And his control, though not quite being tested yet, was already fraying at the edges. Better get this over with quick. Ichigo kept his sword raised and pointed at his enemy.

"Yeah, sure. 'Cept you've got it wrong...I'm gonna kill you!" Sacrificing any shred of eloquence for the sake of his concentration, he rushed forward, aiming for the Arrancar's neck.

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14th-May-2007 11:39 pm (UTC) - [Di Roy] No I'm not, I'm just your tour guide
Almost instantly, Di Roy brought up his hand to guard. The reiatsu gathered for attack served well enough to strengthen the hierro of his skin in defense; the force of the blow pushing the Arrancar back across the street.

“Yeah, yeah,” he droned, glancing down at the blade and then pushing off to land a few paces away. He noticed something interesting as the shinigami had charged at him. What was it? Something… familiar. He couldn’t place it. But now he was curious. It was hard to tell, with the reiatsu of so many other Hollows nearby, the erratic nature of the opponent before him was anything but clear.

“That some chant you tell yourself before you go into battle, to keep from wettin’ your pants?” He grinned. Taunts were all part of the game for Di Roy. But he didn’t taunt to gain information, he taunted because it pissed off his opponent. He never felt he needed the tactical edge to it. It was just satisfying if you could make someone snap.

Leaping into the air, he straightened his fingers to pierce this time, twisting as he darted forward, using some invisible point in the sky to launch himself at the Shinigami. “It ain’t gonna be enough!”
19th-May-2007 04:36 pm (UTC) - [Ichigo] Tour of what? I'm the one who lives in this city.
Ichigo shouldn't have been shocked that his attack had had so little impact, but he was. It was like fighting Kenpachi all over again - but he'd gotten so much stronger since then, and this guy wasn't even that powerful (right?)!

The Hollow lurking in the back of his mind made a grab for control - not a strong one; it felt more like a test than any actual effort - and quelling it took more time than Ichigo could really afford. Slow to bring up Zangetsu in defense, he felt long, sharp nails pierce him. He cursed, trying to use his zanpakutou as leverage to push himself out and away, wishing desperately he'd been able to find out how to defeat his inner Hollow before this battle.
27th-Jun-2007 04:21 pm (UTC) - [Di Roy] Oh sorry, you didn't get the eviction notice?
Finally, some blood spilled! If Di Roy’s grin could get a little creepier, just a bit more mad, then it did when his nails connected with the shinigami. But come on. For all that bravado, and he hit him this easy? He supposed he could just kill him and move on to find something, but what was all that just before? Simply trash talk?

“You sure talk big for someone who looks like he can’t even hold a sword right,” he muttered, glancing at the blood on his fingers and not resisting as Ichigo awkwardly pushed himself away.

Was this worth making a distraction out of? He was a shinigami. It was technically what he was supposed to do. But hey, it almost wasn’t fun.

The Arrancar glanced around, his grin slipping into not quite a frown, but surely disappointed. Around the city the heavy atmosphere of Hollows seemed to thicken by the moment. Finding something new to claim as his own would be difficult at this rate.

But… a distraction was a distraction, right? As long as it kept Soul Society’s attention distracted for Aizen-sama, the ends were the same. As it was, this setup simply wasn’t flashy enough for his tastes.

“Bah, this isn’t fun! Let’s see what else I can find tonight instead!” Di Roy cried, suddenly reaching for the scarf tied around his mask and pulling part of it free. Beneath the cloth, about where his eye might have been were his face whole, was darkness and a glowing red in its depths. The light began to intensify and whiten as his gaze searched out over the city.

“Whadd’ya say to a bit more chaos, huh? Bet my brothers will appreciate me stirring up the ant hill, won’t they!?”

((I cannot apologize enough for idling out of this RP. I really enjoyed the scene so far, but my muses nearly died a horrible death and I sort of lost confidence in my ability to write Di Roy. I hope I haven't ruined your fun, but if you don't want to continue after this then I'll totally understand. Anyway, SO SORRY FOR THE (MONTH) LATE REPLY! @_______@))
1st-Jul-2007 09:07 pm (UTC) - [Ichigo] Of course not! The old man would never do that to me! (would he??)
It was clear Ichigo's bluffs hadn't worked. His opponent's insult was all too true, and it rankled that his inability to fight well had nothing to do with his skills.

"I can too! I'm just warmin' up fir- HEY! Are you walking AWAY from me!!?" It was bad enough that he was on the 'losing' side of this fight at the moment, but to be deemed to insignificant he wasn't even worth fighting any more cut even deeper than his fears about controlling his inner Hollow. Throwing caution to the wind, he gathered his strength and energy and attacked full-force, sending a white crescent barreling toward the weird-faced Arrancar.

"Getsuga tenshou!"

((OOC: No worries! I was gone for three weeks anyway))
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