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[Compile] Grimmjow, Ikkaku, Nanao

The calmness of the evening sky was disturbed as the very fabric of the realm was rent open. Emerging from a darkness even deeper than the night, Grimmjow looked down at the still slumbering denizens of Soul Society.

He felt a little ... curious as to why he was sent on this mission alone, but whatever, it was just more fun for him in the end. He'd show Aizen-sama and the rest that he could take on the entire Gotei-13 alone. If anyone whined that he'd taken all the good kills, well that was too bad, they shoulda tagged along too.

"Now what to wreck first ..." he muttered to himself before grinning, a cero forming in his right palm before firing towards a non-descript building below him. He'd sensed quite a number of reiatsu signatures inside, but after his cero exploded with an end-of-the-world BOOM he doubted anyone was left alive in there.

Nanao came out of Eighth at a run, ahead of the other shinigami who were just beginning to stir. She had been working late to clear her Captain's desk, and was still fully dressed.

She looked up at the pale figure poised amid the darkness. The destruction he had already caused was -- disturbing. And he stood there, casually, as though it were a mere bagatelle.

It couldn't be a full-scale assault. She hoped. However powerful he might be, one Arrancar on his own couldn't destroy the whole of Soul Society. Which meant that either he was a diversion, or a forerunner, or an aggressive Hollow who'd gone off on his own for a joyride.

But she was the first person here, which meant she had to try and deal with it. For just one moment, she wished that her Captain had been trying to flirt with her. It would have meant he was around the place.

Her best option was to try to assess his capabilities while stopping him destroying more stuff. Or people. With a single flash step, she was up on the nearest roof, one hand crooked to summon power, poised to dodge if he tried blasting at her.

"Who are you?" she called to him. "And what are you doing here?"

What the Hell was this? He destroys an entire building, killing all within it, and all he got was this one shinigami chick? Che, Soul Society was as lame as Aizen claimed it to be (though Grimmjow had known it from the beginning).

“Oi, woman,” he called down to her in a casual but disappointed voice. “Where the Hell are your Captains? Don’t tell me they’re all asleep in this dump. If so, I’m gonna have to wake ‘em up.”

Holding out his hand again, he shot several Bala at random towards the ground, more of the white walls and once pristine grounds of Seireitei exploding in a screen of smoke and shattered earth.

The temptation to inform him that, The Captains are hardly going to bother getting out of bed in order to deal with a petty creature like yourself, was extremely strong. But common sense pointed out that it'd just get him to blow more stuff up in an attempt to get their attention.

Really, why did so many people have to act like spoiled children?

"If you don't tell me who you are," she snapped, "then how am I supposed to tell them you're worth their interest?"

Without pausing to go through the full incantation, she snapped off a Flame Cannon kidou in his direction. She didn't expect it to do significant damage, not underpowered without the full chant, but it should keep him busy.

Where were Eleventh? They were the ones saying they'd been wanting all the action. She could probably take this Hollow, but . . .

“Feh!” Grimmjow snorted, his right hand snapping up to bat away the kidou like it was nothing. Were the Captains of Soul Society so stupid as to need to be told everything? Wasn’t his reiatsu overflowing into the atmosphere enough of an indication that he was worth their time? If they thought he was going to joke around, they were sadly mistaken. But first …

“How ‘bout this?” he called out to the sole shinigami brave, or stupid, enough to meet him. “I’ll tell you my name-“

Suddenly he used sonido to appear in front of her.

“-if ya can prove to me y’er worth tellin’ it to!”

Again he used his right hand, jabbing at her midsection with frightening speed and power to impale her on his own arm.

A tangle of wood and chain flashed, intent on wrapping itself around Gimmjow's hand to stop the attack. Strong hands gripped the ends- twisted and tightened and Ikkaku was among the two, a snarling grin spread over his lips.

"Oi, oi." He chided lightly. "Can't tell someone yer name if ya kill 'em first." Ikkaku was no fool and could tell right off the bat this blue-haired weirdo was going to be trouble and- trouble or not -though he was prepared to fight this guy one-on-one, Ikkaku had to wonder where anyone else was. After all if something like this grabbed his attention, surely it got someone else's, too.

Nanao was already moving sideways as Grimmjow lunged at her, and while she was reasonably certain she would have managed to dodge in time, she was not too ungrateful for Ikkaku's intervention.

She would have a few words with him later about proper manners. Surely Eleventh, of all people, would appreciate the etiquette of cutting into an ongoing fight!

Still. She slid back a dozen paces, caught herself, and slipped her zanpakutou from her sleeve.

"This is some sort of diversion, Madarame-san," she said. "And if it is intended to divert us with a long-drawn-out fight, then we cannot afford to be diverted. You may have first blow at him, but if you cannot finish him quickly, then I will need to join in. There is no time to waste."

Pulling his arm back from the newcomer’s weapon, Grimmjow openly scoffed. What was this, another weakling? Where the Hell were the heavy hitters, the captains of Seireitei? At this rate he began to seriously doubt the threat Soul Society posed to Aizen-sama, not if their leaders were as cowardly as they seemed to be right now.

But at least some of them weren’t complete idiots; the woman had figured his intentions out pretty quickly. Rolling his head a little to loosen up his neck muscles (and to show how much of a danger he saw them as, which was to say, none at all), he looked at the bald one.

“Ya think you can do better than ‘er?” he asked as he stuffed both of his hands in his pocket. “C’mon then, give me y’er best. But at least make it good; I’m about to fall asleep ‘ere.”

Ad to show off his boredom, he yawned widely in front of Ikkaku’s face.

A seasoned fighter means being able to tell the base strength of one's opponents. Ikkaku was not a stupid man, he could tell this blue-haired freak was not going to be easy. Hell, he could tell this was going to be a down-right borderline win and Ikkaku wasn't entirely certain he'd be the one to win it.

Pride would keep him from accepting Nanao's help in words, but he's not fool enough to deny her assistance when he'll need it. This wasn't a battle between just two guys squaring off, this was a fight that a preliminary to war. The etiquette between the two completely different.

His lips pulled back into a sharp grin and he twirled the spear end of Houzukimaru with a short flick of his wrist. "You do that, it's gonna get borin' fer me real quick. Madarame Ikkaku, 3rd seat of the 11th division." His grin flashed into a hungry, bestial smile. "Nice to meet ya!" And he charged.

Nanao flash-stepped across to the nearest convenient roof, a good twenty or thirty yards away from the two men. She was still cautious of another strike from the blue-haired Hollow. He looked like the sort who'd do it just to be annoying, even if he was in a fight with someone else at the same time.

She tossed her zanpakutou into the air in front of her. "Spin, Hageshii Shinjuu!" she commanded it, and felt the purr of wind on metal as it resolved into its released wheel-form, hanging and rotating in the air in front of her.

Hopefully the Hollow would just take her actions as cowardice or self-protection, and not suspect that she was doing her best to analyse him as he fought.

[OOC: Nanao's zanpakutou previously approved in app, due to total lack of information about it. Two-foot-wide wheel of razor-edged metal with a couple of interior handles, capable of moving and rotating on command while she does other stuff. Can also function as a lens for her to analyse kidou or reiatsu patterning. She's trying to see if there's anything odd about Grimmjow, but I suspect that she doesn't have the time or expertise to work out what's been done to him to Arrancarise him, and that all she'll be able to tell is that he is One Tough Dude.]

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