Gin 1

[Twelfth Division] Gin

Gin began the careful process of stealing through Twelfth Division.

He expected Grimmjow's diversion elsewhere in Seireitai, and Di Roy's activities in Karakura, should attract a lot of shinigami attention. Still, this was the area of Kurotsuchi Mayuri's power. No doubt there were cameras focusing on him at this very moment.

Then again, if he was lucky, Kurotsuchi might decide to "lure him further in" to trap him, so that he wouldn't have the rest of Seireitai asking to share. That'd be convenient. Because Gin sure as hell didn't intend to give Kurotsuchi the chance to use any of his little poisons on him. Oh no.

Now, where was that little Arrancar? Between a combination of going to wherever was most heavily guarded, and where Kurotsuchi's favourite labs were, and then sniffing for Arrancar reiatsu, Gin hoped to be able to track him down fairly fast . . .

[Step Eight] Launch!

And here we are, the final step of the game. (You thought I would do compiles? HAH! I laugh in the face of your compiles!)

This takes place on September 21st, a week after the end of the last arc. Aizen and the other Arrancar are now ready to put their plans into motion.

Grimmjow and Gin will be invading the Seireitei, Grimmjow to create a diversion while Gin goes to rescue -- or kill -- Wonderwyce. In the mean time, Di Roy has been sent to the human world with a horde of Hollows to create yet another diversion. Pandemonium abounds.

The only set thread is Gin, Mayuri, and Wonderwyce, but there's room for one more shinigami character should someone wish to join us. As for all the other threads -- keep it crazy! Shinigami characters can be fighting Grimmjow, or off in the human world fighting Hollows and/or Di Roy, whichever you want. There's room for pretty much everything.

Wrap Threads


Grocery Store of Hatesex: Ishida, Ichigo
Street of Mystery: Orihime, Urahara


House of Orgy: Byakuya, Renji
Lab of Bad Touch: Mayuri, Wonderwyce
One Crank and a Ditz: Soi Fong, Hinamori
Sex from Above!: Hisagi, Rangiku
The Thug and the Ice Queen: Ikkaku, Nanao

Hueco Mundo

Evil Plan!: Gin, Grimmjow

[MOD POST] Announcement #51

Player Loss//Mod Loss

Due to time and inspiration issues, magicalcow is resigning from the game. This opens the role of Hitsugaya up for application. We'll miss you, Karlie!

mei_play is also resigning due to time and RL issues. With this, she resigns her modship as well. Good luck with life, Mei!

Which leads us to our next announcement.

Game End

The next arc -- arc 8 -- will be the final arc for the game. Mei and I thought and talked long and hard about this, and we think it's for the best. Everyone's feeling the pressure of time and commitments, and the game is suffering for it.

So we're going to end with a bang. The final arc isn't going to start just yet, but keep your eyes peeled for details!

Thanks for all the time and effort you guys have put into this game. This has been an absolute blast and something to treasure. I've loved every minute of it. ♥