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Stand in Heaven

...where even God himself has never been...

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"Since the beginning, no one has ever stood in the heavens. Neither you, nor I, or even God himself. But that emptiness in the throne of heaven will be filled from this day forth. I will be the one to stand in the heavens."
- Aizen Sousuke, manga chapter 178

Soul Society is in a state of recovery. After the infiltration of the ryoka, the rescue of Kuchiki Rukia, and the revelation of Aizen Sousuke's plot, Seireitei now works toward finding some order in the chaos. Injuries need to be tended, officers need to be prepped, information gathered and disseminated. Most importantly, plans need to be made to prepare for the traitor's move. While Aizen's true intentions are not yet known to the Gotei-13, that he must be stopped is unquestioned by almost all.


Welcome to standinheaven, a Bleach RP that takes off right after chapter 182 of the manga. This game will contain spoilers for later chapters, as well as an AU-ish plot. Set after the Soul Society arc as the Karakura rescue party returns to the mortal world.

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